Replacing Teeth



Many patients face the challenge of loosing teeth.  While other treatment options exist, a dental implant provides the most permanent solution.  An implant is composed of an anchor, an abutment and a crown.  Due to improvements in technology and availablility of supplies, dental implants are more affordable then ever.  During your first appointment the doctor will place the anchor into the jaw bone.  Six months later we attach an abutment to which the crown is then attached.  In some cases a bone graft may have to be done prior to the placement of the anchor.  All of these options will be discussed with you during your consultation with the doctor.




 Another, usually more affordable option for replacing lost teeth is the use of a partial, implant supported or full denture.  Our office is well equipped to fit and produce a denture for your specific needs.  We can also discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using a denture compared to other treatment options.